The competition – which has started in a tradition creation way – was organised by the Pannon Fényképészkör Egyesület (photographer association) based on similar foreign and domestic events, for the first time in the spring of 2010. The photographer community made a tradition from FotósViadal in Veszprém, so increase the city’s already diverse and lively cultural programs.

After positive feedback from photographers as well as the media, the tradition grew and took place also in Budapest first time in 2017. As an integral part of the capital’s cultural life, this year it took place again.

The idea is that contestants receive a topic and a timeframe they can use to compose a photograph and send it to the jury. Upon uploading a new topic is received with a new timeframe… The pattern repeats 8 times during the day before the competition ends.

I’m glad to have taken part in it as contestant. Let me share this year’s topics and the photos I have taken and competed with!

My Innumerable Number

Számtalan sorszámom

Part of the competition rules was that contestants must integrate their running number in the first photograph topic.

My number was 69. (Oh boy, did I have kinky ideas…)



I was lucky to be next to some railroad tracks which suggested the obvious.

High and Low


There was a bridge over the railroads. I noticed that people appear from nowhere and sometimes even cross the railroads for no apparent reason. Where do they come from? Where do they go?

Cultural Spritzer

Kultúrfröccs (HUN)

My first idea was to rush to the 7th district of Budapest called the “party district” and shoot a gastro-cultural mix, but then on the way there I stumbled across the Corvin Department Store, currently being unveiled for renovation, revealing its beautiful architecture of early 20’s.


Sárga (HUN)

I decided in advance that any topic related to a color would be the best candidate for a black & white photograph.


Kacskaringó (HUN)

Snails! Snails! Where would I find snails? Oh, I know: a couple of years ago I brought a few snail shells from Sicily and left them in the office. See them on the bonnet of my car!



I know, a dog is too simple for the topic. I ran to the city park to find either minuscule life forms (bugs?) or a kid holding a toy or something a little stronger but I was out of luck so the dog was the only reliable thing. But then isn’t reliability a good soulmate’s best quality?


Szabadon (HUN)

Szimpla Cafe was a checkpoint of the competition. By knowing the eclectic brilliance of the place I knew I could find the most appropriate random composition for a soul massage. 🙂

Hero of the Day

A nap hőse (HUN)

This was a special topic of the day. Remember those railways? I saw this young boy pushing a set of tools and screws in this sunny Saturday morning. His job is to replace any bad rail screws he finds on the track. He does this every single day, sometimes also at night.